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   Mills  Houseboat -- Annual Trip Info

My Little Runaway houseboat at Gunsite Butte, Lake Powell.


On hold for now (due to 2 year old terrorist)...


Lake Powell. Explore the menu links to the left for more information
about the lake and the houseboat My Little Runaway.

Lake Powell is located on the Utah-Arizona border:


What is there to do at Lake Powell?

Floating and swimming in the warm, clear water, kayaking, 
snorkeling, sunning, taking in stunning natural scenery from the
top deck of the houseboat, boating expeditions to explore the
deep slot canyons of the lake, gazing at the milky way and shooting
stars at night, campfires and smores,  reading a novel or two, 
good eats & drinks, exchanging stories (some true, some kinda true...).

Should we have a ski boat or jet ski along on the trip, it's a blast
zipping about the lake and exploring slot canyons.


A small group (usually no more than 6 guests). 
If you don't know everyone on board when we depart, you
will (hopefully!) have some new friends by the end of the trip.


Arrange for your own travel to and from Lake Powell (see
the Directions / Map menu link to the left).

Houseboat trip costs will be shared equally by everyone.  
After the trip, we will tally up the costs (for gas, common food,
etc.).  Each adult will contribute their portion, plus $125
to be applied to the annual houseboat maintenance and repairs

Click on the menu links at the upper left learn more.  Join us for this year's trip
if you can -- it is a fun, relaxing getaway with incredibly spectacular scenery.

Cheers,  Mike, Rose & Emily  
(email: )

View from Alstrom Point, overlooking Padre Bay and Gunsight Butte.  Navaho Mountain is in the distance.


Slot canyon in West Canyon.


Note: This website is only for those we have personally invited to join us.   If you happened
here via Google or another search website, and you are interested in house boating at Lake Powell,  
consider renting a houseboat from Aramark, the official Lake Powell concessionaire.

(Thanks to David Herberg for allowing us to copy and paste most of the stuff on his Wildwind II houseboat website here.)