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Here is a list of pointers to interesting pages related to the Lake Powell area. 

Visitor Information

Canyon Country
Includes A Guide to Visiting Lake Powell and a Lake Powell Information Pack for $14.00
Fred’s Guide to Lake Powell
Lots of good advice on visiting the lake itself.   Visit especially the “Bays” link for a clickable map with annotated satellite photos of the whole lake.

Lake Powell map in PDF format

Lake Powell Magazine
The web site of the glossy visitor magazine.
Several similar tourist info websites:
Page Arizona & Lake Powell
Go-Arizona, Lake Powell

Powell Guide

Lake Powell Vacations
Travel West

River Lakes

Website with lots of information about Lake Powell and other lakes along the Colorado River.  See in particular, their Lake Powell Information.

Destination Lake Powell


Yahoo City Guide


Lake Powell Yacht Club

Glen Canyon Natural History Association
The GCNHA a non-profit organization dedicated to education, interpretation, and research within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  They feature a unique bookstore of Lake Powell related materials.

Antelope Point Marina

Government / History

Glen Canyon NRA site
Everything official from the National Park Service related to their administration of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Glen Canyone Natural History Association

Page - Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce

Listing of local businesses.

City of Page

Lake Powell History by Tiffany Maple

Commercial Outfitters / Boat and Jetski Rentals

Aramark is the sole concessionaire within GCNRA.  Any boat rentals, lodging, fuel, or food sold within the NRA is supplied through Aramark.

However, you can rent toys from outfitters in Page, and bring them to the lake:

Lake Powell Water World  928-645-8845  605 Haul Road (Highway
89 to Haul Road. East to 605 Haul Road. Grey metal building with blue trim on right)

DoPowell -- Jetski and other rentals

Skylight Boat Rentals -- Kayak rentals

Lake Powell Boating -- houseboats, ski boats and jetskiis for rent
Also see their hiking, jeep and Navajo tours.

Cell Phone rental

Powell Electronics in Page rents Verison cell phones for use on houseboat trips (928-645-6664).

Satellite Phone rental

Satellite Radio:

Get clear radio reception on the lake:

XM Satellite Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio

Grocery delivery

Bashas  email: 877-968-9500

Internet Access

Want to check your email before or after the trip?  Stop by the Page Library.  479 S. Lake Powell Blvd, Page. 928-645-4270.


Weather / Moon / Water

Current weather information
So, what's the weather like right now at the lake?  Includes a 5-day forecast.
Current Lake Level
More data than you will ever want on Lake Powell water levels.  Searchable database of daily lake levels, flows, and temperatures dating back to the construction of the dam.

Moon phase
Do know what the moon will be doing during your Lake Powell vacation?


Hiking:  Slot canyons
Photos and hiking guide specializing in the slot canyons of of the Colorado Plateau.  Several sections on Lake Powell area slot canyons.

See their hiking, jeep and Navajo tours.

Wilderness River Adventures

Raft the Colorado River.

Geology:  The Natural Arch and Bridge Society
Spectacular photo galleries and hiking guides specializing in the natural arches of the world, many of which are near Lake Powell.  Great links area, too.

Fishing:  Waynes Words
The definitive Lake Powell fishing site.  Lots of other good information and great links here, too.

Photography:  Panoramas of Lake Powell
by David Herberg.

Photography:  Lake Powell Pictures
Collection of so-so Lake Powell pictures. 

Photography:  TalkingBeaver

Some wonderful photos of Lake Powell.

Ethics /Politics

Friends of Lake Powell

Countering the crazies who want to drain the Lake. 

Appreciating Lake Powell

Save the Lake

Blue Ribbon Coalition

American Watercraft Association

How to keep the lake clean:

Minimum impact practices
Leave No Trace

Email Groups / Bulletin Boards

Lake Powell Yahoo group
This is where the Lake Powell aficionados hang out, both expert and newbie.  Great discussions, and an enthusiastic and expert moderator.

Has a bulletin board with discussions about Lake Powell (most, but not all, related to fishing).

Houseboating Info

How to tie various knots  (see especially the bowline and cleat hitch):

Some Personal Lake Powell & Houseboat Web Pages


The lower lake from 30,000 feet as I took a flight over it.  Padre Bay in lower right.