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Trip Reports



AUGUST 15 - 20, 2004 TRIP



We took the water taxi to the houseboat on the buoy.  This was the view of a dust
cloud being kicked up by an approaching thunderstorm.


Panorama of approaching thunderstorm (scroll to the right).

Gail force winds -- reported to be up to 65mph (with higher gusts).  Our houseboat bimini was
picked up and flipped the back by a gust.   On the marine radio we learned that another houseboat
had its fiberglass roof top canopy blown off entirely.  Whew -- quite a show! 


Looking downwind.



Mike checking out the beautiful underwater coral reefs
and the colorful tropical fish for which Lake Powell is famous.


Gunsite Bay panorama (scroll to the right).   Keith setting anchor.







Friends (and crew) Keith and Laura.

At the top of "Mills Mound" in Gunsight Bay.


And the panorama shot from the mound (scroll to the right for the other-worldly view):



Mike -- moments before shoulder sockets disengaged...


Mike's annual photo locations:




Keith at the helm -- on our way from Gunsight Canyon to Face Canyon.

Seadoos in tow.


Face Canyon


 ...scroll to the right.

Laura preparing grub for the crew.


Keith's improvised ski flag...



Keith the at entrance to Face Canyon as huge rain drops from a thunderstorm were beating down.


Mike watching a "flash flood" after the storm.


En route from Face Canyon to West Canyon.


...of course, by now you know to scroll to the right for the panorama if you can't see the right side of the photo, right?


West Canyon buoy.


Beached in West Canyon.


Mike and Rose under small arch.


Keith and Laura.


Panorama at the entrance to West Canyon.




Even on the outskirts of civilization, Keith stays neat and clean-shaven...


Keith on seadoo...


 ..some serious technical reading.

 ..and Mike is working hard on his feet tan.


Slot canyon in West Canyon.

Hey, check out these cool sunset photos:







Bright morning in West Canyon -- the sandstone looking as if we woke up on Mars....


Morning caffeine jolt...


Heading back to Wahweap Marina from West Canyon.  And, one last look around at the end of the trip.